Today, the international coffee franchise Starbucks finally opened its first cafe inside The Oslo city mall. It was a a long wait in line for most people to get their first taste of Starbucks coffee, but well worth the wait according to several of the customers ^_^
Here are the pictures, enjoy and let me know what you think of them :)





























video Of the performance on tv2

The finalist Astrid Smeplass, in the Norwegian idol has come with a super hit called Shattered!

The voice and performance was perfect. Made me shiver twice over and more some :D

Check it out yourselves on iTunes :

Check out “Shattered” on Spotify

More updates to come! Stay tuned!

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Sisters Anthem - Remixed Edition

Sisters Anthem – Remixed Edition

The Stockholm Based singer Belle, teamed up with Artist manager and singer, Linda Sonnvik a couple of years ago. And last year, Together They released the Third “Club-Banger” single in the electronic Genre, “Sisters Anthem”. The single skyrockeded right to the top of the Swedish Itunes most downloaded electronica list. Suddenly everyone knew who Belle was, and was selected to Open Stockholm Pride with an astonishing Show.


Now, in 2013, the Sisters Anthem – The Remixed Edition is out. SoundFactory (Lena Philipsson, Eric Saade, Gravitonas, Robin Stjenberg) made four remixes including a new radio edition which also climbed to the top of the Electronic Dance Charts. Also included are two remixes made by Mike Moorish och Chris Heart.


This Spring, Belle goes on tour, and may welll come to a place near you, so get your tickets and join the fun!


The remixes are cool, and Belle is hotter than ever, invading your radio, computer and everywhere else where you usually hear your music. Sing, Dance and spin out of control until you drop to the floor out of exhaustion. ;)


Links :

The remixes on Itunes

The remixes on Spotify

Follow Belle on Twitter

Belle Online, official English website

Single on YouTube 

Belle live at Stockholm Pride

Belle about the remixes


2012 in review

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The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 2,700 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 5 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.

Frank Schonberg – This is Home

Since i usually don’t do reviews of Country albums, this is kinda special for me since this is my first. It was the aunt of the artist, Reidun Hommeldal, that shared this with me and i was so impressed that i had to do a little piece about it.

“This is home” by Frank Schonberg has a genuinely happy flow about it that puts me in a good mood.  So check it out guys.  If you like Pop country, you will definitively like this album,  I rated it 5 on iTunes myself.

This is where you can get you hands on the album,  Now GO!!!

This is home on iTunes USA

This is home on iTunes Norway

This is home on Spotify:

– iTunes (worldwide)
– Spotify
– Simpfy
– Amazon mp3
– Amazon on demand
– iHeart Radio
– Myspace music
– MediaNet
– eMusic
– Zune
– Rhapsody
– VerveLife
– Nokia
– Deezer
– Google Play

This is my first post in my new series in my search after new talents worldwide.

Malin Fardal Nilsen

Today i will draw your attention to one young talented and Beautiful girl , Malin Fardal Nilsen.

There is unfortunately not very many recordings available except this video that was recorded a couple of years ago, but i recognize a talent when i hear it, and i’ve fallen completely in love with her angelic voice, and her good looks isn’t really a downside at all :)

I am really looking forward to hearing more from this exceptionally talented girl.

So without any more delay,  here it is : Malin F. Nilsen Covering Sarah McLachlan‘s Angel.  Enjoy!

Oh, and please, all feedback is welcome either as comments here on this site or on my facebook page

Here is the next cover from Malin. Adele – Someone like you

More Links and videos from Malin will be added to this article as they becomes available.

Hei alle sammen, Supermodell og Hottie Trinia Iglesias er på modelljakt på vegne av Porto Br

Se denne reklame videoen og om du er interessert, gå inn på   www.portobr.net og meld din interresse. ps! du trenger ikke selv se ut som en supermodell, så lenge du har naturlig Utstråling og har lyst til å prøve noe nytt :)

Bikinis: www.portobr.net
Regi & Klipp: Lars Nerdal
Music: Wakeup Call, Tommy Fredvang/Ruben Nyborg Remix
Stillfoto og makeup: Rolf-Ørjan Høgset, www.rolfie.no
Hår: Jostein, Chi Art of Hairwww.chihair.no/
Location: Notodden Seilflysenter, www.ssfk.no

Dette har Triana å si til Tv2’s “God Kveld Norge

Følg Triana på Twitter

Triana på Facebook.

Kjøp sangen fra videoen på iTunes : Wakeup Call, Tommy Fredvang/Ruben Nyborg Remix

Lytt eller kjøp sangen på Spotify.

Shackles Finally released the long awaited Music video for “A Christmas Kiss With You” and now i want to share it with you all so that you can get into that Christmassy, warm and Cozy mood like it puts me into. This is the best Christmas song and video ever ;)

Enjoy :

Charlotte and Lwam have a Christmas greeting for their fans, and you can watch it on Youtube here :

And the for last i have saved the Personal Christmas Greeting they made for me.

Thank you Girls, you definitively made my day when i saw this <3. I would stand under the mistletoe with both of you any time ;)

Merry Christmas Every one :D

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Rover – The Illumination :

I got sent the links to Rovers Debut Album “The Illumination” a while back by Fredrik Schumacher of Lighthouse booking. Took me a while, but here is my review of the album :

First of all, i love the way the tracks in “The Illumination” have a sort of progressive sense to it. kinda like a story unfolding. This is the way i believe all albums should be laid out, plain and simple. It gets a bit more personal that way;)

When i heard the intro, It struck me, “this reminds me of Sci-fi.” And i love Sci-fi, among other things. This made me want to listen to the whole thing.  And the tracks keeps playing for the duration. and i love each and every one of the tracks. When the last song fades out, it leaves me a bit sad, and wanting for something more, and more, and more.  I just can’t wait for the next installment from Rover to come out, whenever that will be. :D And so will you after you have listened to the album, just as i have ;)

Well don’t take my word for the superb quality of “The Illumination“.

Give it a listen yourself on Spotify, or download it here on iTunes.

The Illumination

Tracklist and click to play sample on MusicNodes (only works in Norway for now):

Artist Album song Time
Rover The Illumination The Illumination 01:54
Rover The Illumination Brothers Of Light 04:12
Rover The Illumination I Am Man (A Call For Unity) 03:08
Rover The Illumination Eye For An Eye 05:12
Rover The Illumination Body Of An Animal 04:49
Rover The Illumination Silverstorm 04:55
Rover The Illumination Days Of Delay 05:20
Rover The Illumination Realign 02:39
Rover The Illumination Perfect Violation 05:31
Rover The Illumination Plate Of Tears 04:35
Rover The Illumination Another Song 04:00
Rover The Illumination The End Of All 12:42

Links :

Dreamon - Closer

Today, one of Universal music‘s latest additions, Anthony “Dreamon” Osumanu Vartdal released his first official Music Video on Youtube, and it is a “Must watch”. Kavar Sing, the Director and the rest of the team really did it this time. Just incredible i have to say :D. to begin with i really didn’t like parts of the song, but for each time i listened to it, it grew more and more on me, and now i absolutely love it :D

Just watch and decide for yourself :

Director: Kavar Singh (http://vimeo.com/kavarsingh)
Follow Kavar Singh on Twitter.
Producer: Benjamin Skanke
Aerial Shots: Marius Jansen
Model: Astrick Yaninna Sørlie

Song: Closer
Composer: Anthony Vartdal, Henrik Haagensen
Written by Anthony Vartdal
Written by Henrik Haagensen