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Shackles – Remember


I Recently came over this Amazing singing Duo “Lwam and Charlotte” that used to be a quartet when Shackles first was formed. Every Friday night for 11 weeks they stood on the scene before finishing in second place in Norway’s 2009 X-Factor. They showed that they definitely have the X-factor. 🙂

Right, down to Remember.  “Remember” was a result of a collaboration between the Norwegian rapper “Kriss” from “ErikogKriss” and Shackles and May. 26 the new single was released. A really fresh and catchy tune. The song is now a permanent addition on my iPod. and i hope as many as possible will support them and download it. Remember, you can gift away songs in iTunes.

Listen and download “Remember” digitally here :


5 responses

  1. Anita

    Hey it´s Anita, great post and thanks for all your support !


    27. June 2011 at 14:48

    • Thanks Anita 🙂 It’s a pleasure to support such great music. I am hoping that more people will start listening to it 🙂 I’ve had several requests for youtube videos of “Remember”. I am hoping that it will happen sometime 🙂 youtube is a great promotional tool, even if it’s not a real music video 😉


      27. June 2011 at 17:01

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