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Florence + the machine Shake It Out + Ceremonials preorder

Today Florence + the Machine had premiere at Popsalongen on the radio-channel  P3 in Norway, celebrating the release of the first official single from the upcoming second album “Ceremonials” by Florence + The Machine. The Single is called “Shake It Out” and here you can listen to it on YouTube :

“Shake it out” is to be released in Great Britain October 2 2011. That includes remixes of the song by The Weeknd and Benny Benassi.

The first Teaser track ‘What The Water Gave Me’ from the album was released last month, and it gave the audience a craving and longing for something more, and now with the release of “Shake It Out”,  Ceremonials is now highly anticipated.

“What The Waters Gave Me” Official Music Video on YouTube :

“Ceremonials” Album

According to the press release  ‘Ceremonials’ will be released on October 28 2011 on Island Records.

Look Below for the confirmed track-list for both the standard and Deluxe version :

‘Ceremonials’ Standard Version :

1. Only If For A Night

2. Shake It Out

3. What The Water Gave Me

4. Never Let Me Go

5. Breaking Down

6. Lover To Lover

7. No Light, No Light

8. Seven Devils

9. Heartlines

10. Spectrum

11. All This And Heaven Too

12. Leave My Body

‘Ceremonials’ Deluxe additional:

13. Remain Nameless

14. Strangeness & Charm

15. Bedroom Hymns

16. What The Water Gave Me (demo)

17. Landscape (demo)

18. Heartlines (acoustic)

19. Shake It Out (acoustic)

20. Breaking Down (acoustic)

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