Nothing is impossible until proven otherwise, the impossible just takes longer to achieve.

Malin F. Nilsen

This is my first post in my new series in my search after new talents worldwide.

Malin Fardal Nilsen

Today i will draw your attention to one young talented and Beautiful girl , Malin Fardal Nilsen.

There is unfortunately not very many recordings available except this video that was recorded a couple of years ago, but i recognize a talent when i hear it, and i’ve fallen completely in love with her angelic voice, and her good looks isn’t really a downside at all 🙂

I am really looking forward to hearing more from this exceptionally talented girl.

So without any more delay,  here it is : Malin F. Nilsen Covering Sarah McLachlan‘s Angel.  Enjoy!

Oh, and please, all feedback is welcome either as comments here on this site or on my facebook page

Here is the next cover from Malin. Adele – Someone like you

More Links and videos from Malin will be added to this article as they becomes available.


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