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First Single By Charla K – Ashtray


I couldn’t believe my own eyes today, when i got an unexpected invite from the mentioned artist, to like her new page on Facebook.  It was a new Artist name, curiously i clicked my way into the page, and to my amazement, she had released a new single, Her first one under that Artist Name.

So sometimes even i love to be surprised in the most positive way. 😀


Really looking forward to see what comes next from this awesome charismatic and beautiful girl ^_^

So let me introduce you to Charlotte Kjær, under the name Charla K with Ashtray :



Links :

Facebook page : Charla K

Buy the single on iTunes

Listen to and add Ashtray to your playlists on Spotify

Subscribe to her Official YouTube Channel


Enjoy peeps 😀


Shackles – “A Christmas Kiss With You” Official Video Release + Christmas greetings

Shackles Finally released the long awaited Music video for “A Christmas Kiss With You” and now i want to share it with you all so that you can get into that Christmassy, warm and Cozy mood like it puts me into. This is the best Christmas song and video ever 😉

Enjoy :

Charlotte and Lwam have a Christmas greeting for their fans, and you can watch it on Youtube here :

And the for last i have saved the Personal Christmas Greeting they made for me.

Thank you Girls, you definitively made my day when i saw this <3. I would stand under the mistletoe with both of you any time 😉

Merry Christmas Every one 😀

Shackles “Overtime” ft, J-Son Music Video

The wait for Shackles ft. J-Son‘s new HitToBe  “Overtime” is over! Finally the release was a bit on overtime 😛 Hehe. I was really impatient this time, and i almost couldn’t wait for the video to be released. I was actually on the set for the shooting of the music on the second day, at the same time as J-Son was getting his part shot.  I have to say that it was a really awesome experience, as it was my first time ever at a set like this. I got to meet and talk to the Girls, Lwam and Charlotte, and several of the other people involved in the shoot.  When i first came to the set which was filmed at Quality Hotel 33, i was met by Hilde Wahl and Anita Lixel, the two lovely producers of the video, and Hilde gave me a quick tour of the set before showing me into the   A lot of people were involved in the shoot and everyone did an excellent job. When i met the Director of the video, Lars Nerdal, I was in for a nice surprise. He grew up and went to the same school as me, so the world isn’t big at all. Especially not in the world of Music. The makeup artists from Isadora did an excellent job, and i was impressed of the speed and professionalism that they worked with when an issue occurred.

I was lucky enough to get a picture taken of me and the girls :

Lwam, me and Charlotte. aren't they good looking? Photographer : Helene Nøkland Lund

If you take a closer look at the cool watches that J-Son and Shackles are wearing in the video, Those are watches from Hæmmer.  I want one for myself 😉

A bit hard info about the crew and people involved, “borrowed” from the information on the official video :

“Charlotte, Lwam and J-Son are wearing watches by Hæmmer. Makeup by Isadora. Nails by Isadora Graffiti Nails. Filmed on location at Quality Hotel 33, Oslo.

Director: Lars Nerdal
Director of photography: Espen Olsen
Lighting master: Christian Weld Haakonseth
Production Manager: Anine Weisteen Riise
Editor: Paul Klang
B photo: Sander Enebakk
Script: Filip Cubrilo
Production assistant: Øivind Jøntvedt
Production assistant: Espen Nystad
On set photographer & production assistant Helene Nøkland Lund
Lead makeup, Isadora: Stephan Ulvund Øien
Makeup: Maiken Fransisca
Makeup, hair and nails: Eve Tro
Lead hairstylist, Charlotte’s hair: Lene Kristiansen
Hairstylist, Lwam’s hair: Pia von Kake
Poker player: Frank Nilsen
Poker player: Joseph S. Ampofo
Poker player: Henrik Finne
Redhead: Inger Helene – TFM Models
Producers: Anita Lixel & Hilde Wahl

Special thanks to: Jan Arild Slinning, David Lindberg, Nina Svendsen,
Liv Solfrid Jansen

Released 2AT/daWorks”

Links :

Thank you and Enjoy! Please share, comment and rate, and of course buy Overtime on iTunes 😀