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First Single By Charla K – Ashtray


I couldn’t believe my own eyes today, when i got an unexpected invite from the mentioned artist, to like her new page on Facebook.  It was a new Artist name, curiously i clicked my way into the page, and to my amazement, she had released a new single, Her first one under that Artist Name.

So sometimes even i love to be surprised in the most positive way. 😀


Really looking forward to see what comes next from this awesome charismatic and beautiful girl ^_^

So let me introduce you to Charlotte Kjær, under the name Charla K with Ashtray :



Links :

Facebook page : Charla K

Buy the single on iTunes

Listen to and add Ashtray to your playlists on Spotify

Subscribe to her Official YouTube Channel


Enjoy peeps 😀


Thea Oskarsen – One Of A Kind

August 26 2011 was a huge day for Thea. The day had finally come when her Debut single “One Of A Kind” would finally be released. After several years of hard work it payed of. The day all of her fans that had followed her on YouTube was indeed here, and it has definitively been worth the wait for all of us.

This young and beautiful girl has a amazing voice that rivals the many of the biggest and best stars in the music Industry. So she is a Star in the making worth keeping an eye and ear out for in the future, as her music most definitely will hit the charts all around the world.

Snippet from the single on YouTube :

Links :