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Winta “My Life” Album Pre-relase

Click image to go to the Official website of Winta.

The Amazing Eritrean/Norwegian R&B singer and songwriter Winta Efrem Negassi (born 20 March 1984) Will be releasing her Latest Album “My Life” September 9 on iTunes in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Faroe Islands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, UK, USA and Canada., But already Now you can Pre-purchase the album from Platekompaniet If you live in Norway.

Update : You can now pre-purchase the Album on iTunes too, in the following countries : Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, UK, USA and Canada.

I actually hadn’t heard any of her songs until today. But after getting an invite from Anita Lixel to “like” her page on Facebook (THANKS!), i decided to give it a listen, So after listening to a few of her songs i really found good on my ears, R&B with a Dash of Soul! Absolutely worth every penny i’m gonna spend on that album when it comes out on iTunes. In the meanwhile you can Preview an buy the Single “My Life” on iTunes Here or listen to it on spotify Here.

Watch “Amazes me” by Winta on YouTube :

Winta documentary part 1 :

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Winta documentary part 3 :


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