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Play My Drum – Sandra Lyng

Introducing the gorgeous and talented Sandra Lyng with Play My Drum.

Buy and download Play My Drum on iTunes

Buy and download Play My Drum on iTunes

On May 29’t, Sandra Lyng released her latest single, Play My Drum, A catchy tune that makes me wanna go skinny dipping (or swim) in the deep blue sea beneath a warm summer beach in the Maldives , as well as dancing on the beach, sipping from a nice fruity cocktail drink (or a beer). 🙂 But that may be because i know that the music video that will be released soon was filmed on location there. Really looking forward to that 😉

All in All a great tune that i hope everyone will enjoy as much as i have 🙂

Some shots from the Maldives (borrowed from facebook and instagram)




Music video Placeholder (check back for release)

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Preview and buy Play My Drum on iTunes.

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Enjoy until next time! 🙂


Rover – The Illumination Review

Rover – The Illumination :

I got sent the links to Rovers Debut Album “The Illumination” a while back by Fredrik Schumacher of Lighthouse booking. Took me a while, but here is my review of the album :

First of all, i love the way the tracks in “The Illumination” have a sort of progressive sense to it. kinda like a story unfolding. This is the way i believe all albums should be laid out, plain and simple. It gets a bit more personal that way;)

When i heard the intro, It struck me, “this reminds me of Sci-fi.” And i love Sci-fi, among other things. This made me want to listen to the whole thing.  And the tracks keeps playing for the duration. and i love each and every one of the tracks. When the last song fades out, it leaves me a bit sad, and wanting for something more, and more, and more.  I just can’t wait for the next installment from Rover to come out, whenever that will be. 😀 And so will you after you have listened to the album, just as i have 😉

Well don’t take my word for the superb quality of “The Illumination“.

Give it a listen yourself on Spotify, or download it here on iTunes.

The Illumination

Tracklist and click to play sample on MusicNodes (only works in Norway for now):

Artist Album song Time
Rover The Illumination The Illumination 01:54
Rover The Illumination Brothers Of Light 04:12
Rover The Illumination I Am Man (A Call For Unity) 03:08
Rover The Illumination Eye For An Eye 05:12
Rover The Illumination Body Of An Animal 04:49
Rover The Illumination Silverstorm 04:55
Rover The Illumination Days Of Delay 05:20
Rover The Illumination Realign 02:39
Rover The Illumination Perfect Violation 05:31
Rover The Illumination Plate Of Tears 04:35
Rover The Illumination Another Song 04:00
Rover The Illumination The End Of All 12:42

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Dreamon – Closer Music video release!

Dreamon - Closer

Today, one of Universal music‘s latest additions, Anthony “Dreamon” Osumanu Vartdal released his first official Music Video on Youtube, and it is a “Must watch”. Kavar Sing, the Director and the rest of the team really did it this time. Just incredible i have to say :D. to begin with i really didn’t like parts of the song, but for each time i listened to it, it grew more and more on me, and now i absolutely love it 😀

Just watch and decide for yourself :

Director: Kavar Singh (
Follow Kavar Singh on Twitter.
Producer: Benjamin Skanke
Aerial Shots: Marius Jansen
Model: Astrick Yaninna Sørlie

Song: Closer
Composer: Anthony Vartdal, Henrik Haagensen
Written by Anthony Vartdal
Written by Henrik Haagensen

Shackles “Overtime” ft, J-Son Music Video

The wait for Shackles ft. J-Son‘s new HitToBe  “Overtime” is over! Finally the release was a bit on overtime 😛 Hehe. I was really impatient this time, and i almost couldn’t wait for the video to be released. I was actually on the set for the shooting of the music on the second day, at the same time as J-Son was getting his part shot.  I have to say that it was a really awesome experience, as it was my first time ever at a set like this. I got to meet and talk to the Girls, Lwam and Charlotte, and several of the other people involved in the shoot.  When i first came to the set which was filmed at Quality Hotel 33, i was met by Hilde Wahl and Anita Lixel, the two lovely producers of the video, and Hilde gave me a quick tour of the set before showing me into the   A lot of people were involved in the shoot and everyone did an excellent job. When i met the Director of the video, Lars Nerdal, I was in for a nice surprise. He grew up and went to the same school as me, so the world isn’t big at all. Especially not in the world of Music. The makeup artists from Isadora did an excellent job, and i was impressed of the speed and professionalism that they worked with when an issue occurred.

I was lucky enough to get a picture taken of me and the girls :

Lwam, me and Charlotte. aren't they good looking? Photographer : Helene Nøkland Lund

If you take a closer look at the cool watches that J-Son and Shackles are wearing in the video, Those are watches from Hæmmer.  I want one for myself 😉

A bit hard info about the crew and people involved, “borrowed” from the information on the official video :

“Charlotte, Lwam and J-Son are wearing watches by Hæmmer. Makeup by Isadora. Nails by Isadora Graffiti Nails. Filmed on location at Quality Hotel 33, Oslo.

Director: Lars Nerdal
Director of photography: Espen Olsen
Lighting master: Christian Weld Haakonseth
Production Manager: Anine Weisteen Riise
Editor: Paul Klang
B photo: Sander Enebakk
Script: Filip Cubrilo
Production assistant: Øivind Jøntvedt
Production assistant: Espen Nystad
On set photographer & production assistant Helene Nøkland Lund
Lead makeup, Isadora: Stephan Ulvund Øien
Makeup: Maiken Fransisca
Makeup, hair and nails: Eve Tro
Lead hairstylist, Charlotte’s hair: Lene Kristiansen
Hairstylist, Lwam’s hair: Pia von Kake
Poker player: Frank Nilsen
Poker player: Joseph S. Ampofo
Poker player: Henrik Finne
Redhead: Inger Helene – TFM Models
Producers: Anita Lixel & Hilde Wahl

Special thanks to: Jan Arild Slinning, David Lindberg, Nina Svendsen,
Liv Solfrid Jansen

Released 2AT/daWorks”

Links :

Thank you and Enjoy! Please share, comment and rate, and of course buy Overtime on iTunes 😀

Behind the scenes of “Just For Tonight” + Music Video

Exclusive photo from the set of Winta and the dancer Karoline Hansen.

Exclusive photo from the set of Winta and the dancer Karoline Hansen.

Right Now Winta is shooting the Music-video for the Upbeat third single “just For Tonight” from her new album “my life”. And i’ve been allowed to publish some photos from behind the scenes and ask her a couple of questions.

Firstly here are my questions to Winta and her answers sent to me via mail :

Question 1 : Can you tell the fans a bit about the background of the single “Just for tonight”? how you decided on doing exactly this song.

Answer 1. Just tonight was chosen as the next single because it’s a fun upbeat track I wrote with Brightlights, I’ve had requests from fans out there wanting me to do a dancy club track so there you go:)

Question 2 : What is your relationship to Music in general, and is there any artists that you believe has shaped you into the great artist that you have become today?

Answer 2. Music is my life, my iPod is attached to me:) it helps you go through everything in life both the good and the bad. My music inspiration growing up was Whitney Housten no doubt!

Watch “Just For Tonight” Music video on YouTube :

Preview and Buy “Just For Tonight” on iTunes Here.

More photos from the set :

Winta with dancers at the set

Links :

Thea Oskarsen – One Of A Kind Video release

The wait for the Debut video from the Girl who definitely is “One Of A Kind” on the music scene is over!

Ever since i first heard and bought Thea Oskarsen‘s Debut single, “One Of A Kind” i have been waiting impatiently for the video to release publicly, Checking almost every day to see if something had been uploaded and now, Today. The wait was over.
And i do have to say that the long wait has not been in vain at all.
She nails it just as i expected that she would in this video.

I gather that i am not the only one that have been waiting for the video, and i do hope that i am not the only one that enjoys it immensely. Feel free to Comment and rate if you like 🙂

Moi – Ingenting

I have to say, i usually don’t write often about music with Norwegian lyrics very often, but this was just too impressive to pass me by,
Ingjerd Østrem Omland, aka Moi, which comes from Hovsherad on the west-coast of Norway. About a year ago she won everybody’s hearts in a contest covering Kaizers Orchestras hit-song “Hjerteknuser” (Heartbreaker). And now on the song “Ingenting” (nothing) Ingjerd sings in her Charming Rogalands Dialect , so to quote “Heartbreaking from the west-coast”

After listening to this song, and the others from the mini album, Chair-O-Planes, i am really looking forward to hearing more from this artist that is bound to hit several markets all around the world, so you better pay attention to what is coming from Moi in the future.

Here is the Official music-video for “Ingenting” :

Listen to “Ingenting” on Spotify.

Preview and download “ingenting” on iTunes.

Links, including songs with English lyrics :

Lucky Stroke is Stating the Obvious (video release)

Lucky Stroke has done it again! Managed to impress me by releasing an Awesome Music-video. This time it is the video for “Stating the obvious” that is in question.
Erik Smaaland did especially a good job in the video. It is both fun and entertaining to watch, and not to mention all the HOT girl that they got featured in there 😉

Aaand here is the masterpiece :

Links :

Lucky Stroke

Lucky Stroke is a band i found a while back, and i have to say that i absolutely love their music more and more. The first song i heard and bought on iTunes was “Slap my hand”. I absolutely loved it, even if the lyrics is kinda special. So i decided to check out their album “Me Generation” on Spotify first. After listening to the album there for a couple of weeks, i decided to buy the whole thing on iTunes, so that i could listen to it on my iPod. Couldn’t live without music nowadays :D. My definitive favorite song is “Is There Anybody Out There”.

I highly recommend checking this band and their music out, as it is bound to be huge in the future. You can follow the band on facebook and twitter if you like, I do :))

Watch “Slap My Hand” Official Music Video on Youtube :

Rikke Lie “Such A Lovely Day” Official Video Release

The wait for the music video of this summers love and happiness song by the beautiful and lovely Rikke lie is finally at an end.

Ever since i heard the song and bought it on iTunes, i impatiently waited for the video to come out. And at least I did not have to wait in vain for long. The song itself is one that always makes me smile and sometimes even grin no matter what mood i am in. Probably Looks a bit silly if i am out walking or sitting on the bus while listening to it on my iPod 😀

I was particularly impressed by the acting skills of Elvis, Rikke’s lovely Pet dog ❤ and i believe the video wouldn’t have been the same without him 🙂 Elvis definitively should have a permanent job in future videos.

In the video Tommy Fredvang is the “hunk” doing a really great job of playing Rikke’s boyfriend. They are making out and having a good time dancing and being happy together, just like a couple that is very much in love should be doing together.

But not to keep you waiting any longer, Here is the video. Enjoy it like i did :

Lyrics :

“Such a lovely day” Lyrics

Don’t  tell me to give it up,
It’s already to late ’cause I lost my head
Might not be reasonable but
Some feelings are just to rare

Don’t say that I oughta stop,
that I oughta hit the breaks ’cause I lost my head
Had some and it’s not enough
even if it’s gonna bring me down in the end

You see me jumping up and down, dancing ’round and ’round

Oh such a lovely day,
I wouldn’t wanna have it any other way
Oh, such a lovely day,
I wouldn’t wanna have it any other way

Vers 2
Cloud nine or seventh heaven,
its’s a long way down when you’ve lost you’re head
You don’t care ’cause you’re really living,
Don’t wanna touch ground, wanna stay up there

No word of advice given,
Gonna make you think twice when you’ve lost you’re head
I fly and I don’t care,
if you say it’s gonna bring me down in  the end

You see me jumping up and down, dancing ’round and ’round

Oh such a lovely day,
I wouldn’t wanna have it any other way
Oh, such a lovely day,
I wouldn’t wanna have it any other way

Oh I, I don’t wanna, don’t wanna put out this flame
I, I don’t wanna
Don’t wanna change anything
I, I don’t mind
I don’t mind acting this way
Don’t wanna ever stop loosing my head

You see me jumping up and down, dancing ’round and ’round

Ref. *2
Oh such a lovely day,
I wouldn’t wanna have it any other way
Oh, such a lovely day,
I wouldn’t wanna have it any other way

(any other way, any other way..)

Music Video was produced by Eirik Slyngstad & Kristoffer Lundberg