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Radio Sidewinder needs YOU!

Radio Sidewinder

Radio Sidewinder was created by Commander Black-Bart.  A number of generous other people have contributed – please see the credits page.

It is an unofficial, fan made radio station and does not represent Frontier Developments and is not affiliated with Frontier Developments. “Elite Dangerous” is a registered trademark of and © Frontier Developments –

Radio Sidewinder was created using assets and imagery from Elite: Dangerous, with the permission of Frontier Developments plc, for non-commercial purposes.  It is not endorsed by nor reflects the views or opinions of Frontier Developments and no employee of Frontier Developments was involved in the making of it.

Please can I draw your attention to this thread :

Purchasing a commercial international radio license is just too expensive.

This means that we can now only play music that is completely public domain, with no copyright or broadcast restrictions e.g. tracks under this license:

Or tracks where the artist/copyright owner gives us specific permission to broadcast.

So if you know of any artists who produce suitable music and that might be willing to have their music played on RS (for free!) then please get them to contact us.

Hope you can help, on behalf of all the staff and us listeners of Radio Sidewinder.

CMDR Axxitan RS Crew


Play My Drum – Sandra Lyng

Introducing the gorgeous and talented Sandra Lyng with Play My Drum.

Buy and download Play My Drum on iTunes

Buy and download Play My Drum on iTunes

On May 29’t, Sandra Lyng released her latest single, Play My Drum, A catchy tune that makes me wanna go skinny dipping (or swim) in the deep blue sea beneath a warm summer beach in the Maldives , as well as dancing on the beach, sipping from a nice fruity cocktail drink (or a beer). 🙂 But that may be because i know that the music video that will be released soon was filmed on location there. Really looking forward to that 😉

All in All a great tune that i hope everyone will enjoy as much as i have 🙂

Some shots from the Maldives (borrowed from facebook and instagram)




Music video Placeholder (check back for release)

Links :

Preview and buy Play My Drum on iTunes.

Listen to Play My Drum on Spotify.

Subscribe to her Youtube channel.

Follow Sandra on Twitter.

Follow Sandra on Facebook.


Enjoy until next time! 🙂

First Single By Charla K – Ashtray


I couldn’t believe my own eyes today, when i got an unexpected invite from the mentioned artist, to like her new page on Facebook.  It was a new Artist name, curiously i clicked my way into the page, and to my amazement, she had released a new single, Her first one under that Artist Name.

So sometimes even i love to be surprised in the most positive way. 😀


Really looking forward to see what comes next from this awesome charismatic and beautiful girl ^_^

So let me introduce you to Charlotte Kjær, under the name Charla K with Ashtray :



Links :

Facebook page : Charla K

Buy the single on iTunes

Listen to and add Ashtray to your playlists on Spotify

Subscribe to her Official YouTube Channel


Enjoy peeps 😀

Frank Schonberg – This Is Home

Frank Schonberg – This is Home

Since i usually don’t do reviews of Country albums, this is kinda special for me since this is my first. It was the aunt of the artist, Reidun Hommeldal, that shared this with me and i was so impressed that i had to do a little piece about it.

“This is home” by Frank Schonberg has a genuinely happy flow about it that puts me in a good mood.  So check it out guys.  If you like Pop country, you will definitively like this album,  I rated it 5 on iTunes myself.

This is where you can get you hands on the album,  Now GO!!!

This is home on iTunes USA

This is home on iTunes Norway

This is home on Spotify:

– iTunes (worldwide)
– Spotify
– Simpfy
– Amazon mp3
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– iHeart Radio
– Myspace music
– MediaNet
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Dreamon – Closer Music video release!

Dreamon - Closer

Today, one of Universal music‘s latest additions, Anthony “Dreamon” Osumanu Vartdal released his first official Music Video on Youtube, and it is a “Must watch”. Kavar Sing, the Director and the rest of the team really did it this time. Just incredible i have to say :D. to begin with i really didn’t like parts of the song, but for each time i listened to it, it grew more and more on me, and now i absolutely love it 😀

Just watch and decide for yourself :

Director: Kavar Singh (
Follow Kavar Singh on Twitter.
Producer: Benjamin Skanke
Aerial Shots: Marius Jansen
Model: Astrick Yaninna Sørlie

Song: Closer
Composer: Anthony Vartdal, Henrik Haagensen
Written by Anthony Vartdal
Written by Henrik Haagensen

Thea Oskarsen – One Of A Kind Video release

The wait for the Debut video from the Girl who definitely is “One Of A Kind” on the music scene is over!

Ever since i first heard and bought Thea Oskarsen‘s Debut single, “One Of A Kind” i have been waiting impatiently for the video to release publicly, Checking almost every day to see if something had been uploaded and now, Today. The wait was over.
And i do have to say that the long wait has not been in vain at all.
She nails it just as i expected that she would in this video.

I gather that i am not the only one that have been waiting for the video, and i do hope that i am not the only one that enjoys it immensely. Feel free to Comment and rate if you like 🙂

Thor Van Behrns Karius Og Baktus (TvB Remix Original Edit)

I just wanna bring the attention to this awesome artist that makes a lot of great Electronica/dance music, Thor van Behrns.

I’ve known about this guy for a while, but today his latest song was finally finished, and you can listen to it here :

Karius Og Baktus (TvB Remix Original Edit)

Or on YouTube if you prefer that Instead :

Please let me know what you think. feedback is always highly appreciated 🙂

Moi – Ingenting

I have to say, i usually don’t write often about music with Norwegian lyrics very often, but this was just too impressive to pass me by,
Ingjerd Østrem Omland, aka Moi, which comes from Hovsherad on the west-coast of Norway. About a year ago she won everybody’s hearts in a contest covering Kaizers Orchestras hit-song “Hjerteknuser” (Heartbreaker). And now on the song “Ingenting” (nothing) Ingjerd sings in her Charming Rogalands Dialect , so to quote “Heartbreaking from the west-coast”

After listening to this song, and the others from the mini album, Chair-O-Planes, i am really looking forward to hearing more from this artist that is bound to hit several markets all around the world, so you better pay attention to what is coming from Moi in the future.

Here is the Official music-video for “Ingenting” :

Listen to “Ingenting” on Spotify.

Preview and download “ingenting” on iTunes.

Links, including songs with English lyrics :

Confused – Rebekka B single release

Click the image to preview and buy Confused on iTunes

Click the image to preview and buy Confused on iTunes

Today Rebekka B. Maeland’s new single “confused” was released.  It is the first single from her upcoming Album “Back In Time” which i am really looking forward to. This girl definitely loves Coffee and music just as much as i do, and that is probably one of the reasons why i like her music as much as i do. Lots of Love, Caring and plenty of coffee went into the production of this, so i really hope you’ll enjoy it as much as i do 😀

Preview and buy “confused” on iTunes.


Listen to “Confused” on Spotify.


Mini documentary about “back In Time” (Norwegian language)

Check out other songs by or featuring Rebekka :


Other Links :

Thea Oskarsen – One Of A Kind

August 26 2011 was a huge day for Thea. The day had finally come when her Debut single “One Of A Kind” would finally be released. After several years of hard work it payed of. The day all of her fans that had followed her on YouTube was indeed here, and it has definitively been worth the wait for all of us.

This young and beautiful girl has a amazing voice that rivals the many of the biggest and best stars in the music Industry. So she is a Star in the making worth keeping an eye and ear out for in the future, as her music most definitely will hit the charts all around the world.

Snippet from the single on YouTube :

Links :