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Astrid Smeplass – Shattered


video Of the performance on tv2

The finalist Astrid Smeplass, in the Norwegian idol has come with a super hit called Shattered!

The voice and performance was perfect. Made me shiver twice over and more some 😀

Check it out yourselves on iTunes :

Check out “Shattered” on Spotify

More updates to come! Stay tuned!


Moi – Ingenting

I have to say, i usually don’t write often about music with Norwegian lyrics very often, but this was just too impressive to pass me by,
Ingjerd Østrem Omland, aka Moi, which comes from Hovsherad on the west-coast of Norway. About a year ago she won everybody’s hearts in a contest covering Kaizers Orchestras hit-song “Hjerteknuser” (Heartbreaker). And now on the song “Ingenting” (nothing) Ingjerd sings in her Charming Rogalands Dialect , so to quote “Heartbreaking from the west-coast”

After listening to this song, and the others from the mini album, Chair-O-Planes, i am really looking forward to hearing more from this artist that is bound to hit several markets all around the world, so you better pay attention to what is coming from Moi in the future.

Here is the Official music-video for “Ingenting” :

Listen to “Ingenting” on Spotify.

Preview and download “ingenting” on iTunes.

Links, including songs with English lyrics :

Shackles – Remember


I Recently came over this Amazing singing Duo “Lwam and Charlotte” that used to be a quartet when Shackles first was formed. Every Friday night for 11 weeks they stood on the scene before finishing in second place in Norway’s 2009 X-Factor. They showed that they definitely have the X-factor. 🙂

Right, down to Remember.  “Remember” was a result of a collaboration between the Norwegian rapper “Kriss” from “ErikogKriss” and Shackles and May. 26 the new single was released. A really fresh and catchy tune. The song is now a permanent addition on my iPod. and i hope as many as possible will support them and download it. Remember, you can gift away songs in iTunes.

Listen and download “Remember” digitally here :

Such A Lovely Day!


Rikke Lie‘s Latest Summer Single :  “Such A Lovely Day” was just released, and this girl keeps on amazing me with the great music that she makes. Lots of Feelings, Laughter and lots of humor 🙂

Preview and Download "such a Lovely Day" on iTunes

Read what i have been writing about Rikke lie and some more links and videos here.

Rikke Lie

So what can i say, One of my favorite artists right now is Rikke Lie, The first artist i met face to face and who swept me off my feet with her smile and extraordinary voice. A young and beautiful and talented girl from Aalesund on the west coast of Norway. She is now living In Oslo and i have had the privilege to see her perform live and talk to her in person, it was a moment i will never forget. The two songs she sang was “Lalala” and “Better Off” : . Unfortunately Lalala isn’t available online at the Moment, so i’ll link to one of her other great songs instead : “Good Girl”   If you like these songs, Buy them here :

"Good Girl" on iTunes

"Better Off" on iTunes