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Belle – The Pride of Sweden

Sisters Anthem - Remixed Edition

Sisters Anthem – Remixed Edition

The Stockholm Based singer Belle, teamed up with Artist manager and singer, Linda Sonnvik a couple of years ago. And last year, Together They released the Third “Club-Banger” single in the electronic Genre, “Sisters Anthem”. The single skyrockeded right to the top of the Swedish Itunes most downloaded electronica list. Suddenly everyone knew who Belle was, and was selected to Open Stockholm Pride with an astonishing Show.


Now, in 2013, the Sisters Anthem – The Remixed Edition is out. SoundFactory (Lena Philipsson, Eric Saade, Gravitonas, Robin Stjenberg) made four remixes including a new radio edition which also climbed to the top of the Electronic Dance Charts. Also included are two remixes made by Mike Moorish och Chris Heart.


This Spring, Belle goes on tour, and may welll come to a place near you, so get your tickets and join the fun!


The remixes are cool, and Belle is hotter than ever, invading your radio, computer and everywhere else where you usually hear your music. Sing, Dance and spin out of control until you drop to the floor out of exhaustion. 😉


Links :

The remixes on Itunes

The remixes on Spotify

Follow Belle on Twitter

Belle Online, official English website

Single on YouTube 

Belle live at Stockholm Pride

Belle about the remixes


Thor Van Behrns Karius Og Baktus (TvB Remix Original Edit)

I just wanna bring the attention to this awesome artist that makes a lot of great Electronica/dance music, Thor van Behrns.

I’ve known about this guy for a while, but today his latest song was finally finished, and you can listen to it here :

Karius Og Baktus (TvB Remix Original Edit)

Or on YouTube if you prefer that Instead :

Please let me know what you think. feedback is always highly appreciated 🙂