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Play My Drum – Sandra Lyng

Introducing the gorgeous and talented Sandra Lyng with Play My Drum.

Buy and download Play My Drum on iTunes

Buy and download Play My Drum on iTunes

On May 29’t, Sandra Lyng released her latest single, Play My Drum, A catchy tune that makes me wanna go skinny dipping (or swim) in the deep blue sea beneath a warm summer beach in the Maldives , as well as dancing on the beach, sipping from a nice fruity cocktail drink (or a beer). 🙂 But that may be because i know that the music video that will be released soon was filmed on location there. Really looking forward to that 😉

All in All a great tune that i hope everyone will enjoy as much as i have 🙂

Some shots from the Maldives (borrowed from facebook and instagram)




Music video Placeholder (check back for release)

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Enjoy until next time! 🙂


First Single By Charla K – Ashtray


I couldn’t believe my own eyes today, when i got an unexpected invite from the mentioned artist, to like her new page on Facebook.  It was a new Artist name, curiously i clicked my way into the page, and to my amazement, she had released a new single, Her first one under that Artist Name.

So sometimes even i love to be surprised in the most positive way. 😀


Really looking forward to see what comes next from this awesome charismatic and beautiful girl ^_^

So let me introduce you to Charlotte Kjær, under the name Charla K with Ashtray :



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Enjoy peeps 😀

Confused – Rebekka B single release

Click the image to preview and buy Confused on iTunes

Click the image to preview and buy Confused on iTunes

Today Rebekka B. Maeland’s new single “confused” was released.  It is the first single from her upcoming Album “Back In Time” which i am really looking forward to. This girl definitely loves Coffee and music just as much as i do, and that is probably one of the reasons why i like her music as much as i do. Lots of Love, Caring and plenty of coffee went into the production of this, so i really hope you’ll enjoy it as much as i do 😀

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Mini documentary about “back In Time” (Norwegian language)

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