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Behind the scenes of “Just For Tonight” + Music Video

Exclusive photo from the set of Winta and the dancer Karoline Hansen.

Exclusive photo from the set of Winta and the dancer Karoline Hansen.

Right Now Winta is shooting the Music-video for the Upbeat third single “just For Tonight” from her new album “my life”. And i’ve been allowed to publish some photos from behind the scenes and ask her a couple of questions.

Firstly here are my questions to Winta and her answers sent to me via mail :

Question 1 : Can you tell the fans a bit about the background of the single “Just for tonight”? how you decided on doing exactly this song.

Answer 1. Just tonight was chosen as the next single because it’s a fun upbeat track I wrote with Brightlights, I’ve had requests from fans out there wanting me to do a dancy club track so there you go:)

Question 2 : What is your relationship to Music in general, and is there any artists that you believe has shaped you into the great artist that you have become today?

Answer 2. Music is my life, my iPod is attached to me:) it helps you go through everything in life both the good and the bad. My music inspiration growing up was Whitney Housten no doubt!

Watch “Just For Tonight” Music video on YouTube :

Preview and Buy “Just For Tonight” on iTunes Here.

More photos from the set :

Winta with dancers at the set

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Winta Efrem Negassi- Just For Tonight

Just for Tonight Single on iTunes

Winta Efrem Negassi’s Latest Single “Just For Tonight” was just released on iTunes. It is one of the songs from the upcoming Album “My Life” which you can read more about here.

Personally this song makes me wanna hit the Dance floor right away and dance the night away. so without saying it out loud, it is just AWESOME! :D. Oops! I guess i said it out loud anyway ;). Oh well. My bad.. I just cant help myself when it comes to Good Music.

YouTube preview of “Just For Tonight”

Not to keep those of you that wants this song on your iPod just as badly as me waiting any longer, Click on the Image of this beautiful and amazing girl above or the link below to go to iTunes to Preview and download this new Dance Hit that is bound to go viral in the weeks to come. And make people, both young and old hit the dance floor once again.

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Winta “My Life” Album Pre-relase

Click image to go to the Official website of Winta.

The Amazing Eritrean/Norwegian R&B singer and songwriter Winta Efrem Negassi (born 20 March 1984) Will be releasing her Latest Album “My Life” September 9 on iTunes in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Faroe Islands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, UK, USA and Canada., But already Now you can Pre-purchase the album from Platekompaniet If you live in Norway.

Update : You can now pre-purchase the Album on iTunes too, in the following countries : Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, UK, USA and Canada.

I actually hadn’t heard any of her songs until today. But after getting an invite from Anita Lixel to “like” her page on Facebook (THANKS!), i decided to give it a listen, So after listening to a few of her songs i really found good on my ears, R&B with a Dash of Soul! Absolutely worth every penny i’m gonna spend on that album when it comes out on iTunes. In the meanwhile you can Preview an buy the Single “My Life” on iTunes Here or listen to it on spotify Here.

Watch “Amazes me” by Winta on YouTube :

Winta documentary part 1 :

Winta documentary part 2 :

Winta documentary part 3 :


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